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Major Contributors

Major Contributors to

Many people have contributed to the creation of this web site, including some of the top landscape photographers in Russia and the US. Click on Photographers to learn about Wild Russia's photographers and their contributions to nature conservation.

Margaret Williams, former Director of the Center for Russian Nature Conservation, is the founder of and the quarterly journal Russian Conservation News. Margaret runs the WWF US Kamchatka/Bering Sea Program, based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Igor Shpilenok and Laura Williams, Contributing Editors to, are responsible for content creation and site development. Igor is an award-winning nature photographer. Laura is Senior Advisor to WWF in Russia and now heads the WWF Russia Kamchatka/Bering Sea Program, based in Kamchatka.

Elytra Design of Cambridge, MA, provides design, development, hosting and maintenance.

We wish to thank: Jonathan Sachs of Cambridge, MA for jump-starting this project and for his dedication to nature conservation; Robert Glenn Ketchum, landscape photographer and co-founder of the Wild Russia project for his support; and the Arts Advocacy and Turner Foundations for their financial support.

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